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Statement of Faith

A statement of faith explains your organization’s principles and beliefs. Similar to the mission and vision, it generally seeks to inspire and motivate staff or congregants and maintain their commitment and support. A worthwhile statement of faith makes it clear to those inside and outside your ministry or church that you are committed to Christ and God.
It also underscores the value you place on your relationship with your staff, congregation, and community. The following is an example of a statement of faith from the Bloomington Free Methodist Church: We strive to help people find Christ and live Christ-like lives. We present a positive and practical message that can be applied to every life.

We Believe : 

That the Bible is the inspired word of God.
That there is one God, internally existent in three persons: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. That Jesus Christ is the only Son of God, He was born of the Virgin Mary, He lived a sinless life, and He was crucified for our sins and rose again.